Next Generation Job Responsibilities

Staff Structure

Accountable directly to the Senior Pastor and works along-side the current ministerial staff to meet the mission statement of GRBC:

Glorifying God
Reaching the Lost for the Lord Jesus Christ
Building our Faith
Caring for Others


  1. Shows the characteristics of leadership found in 1st Timothy 3.
  2. Has a strong, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ demonstrated through daily prayer, Bible study, and worship.
  3. Has the ability to teach Scripture in a manner that is biblically sound and culturally relevant.
  4. Has the gift of leadership and has proven experience in equipping and developing leaders.
  5. Has an advanced knowledge of and ability to use technology and social media to connect and promote student ministry.
  6. Spouse must be a believer and supportive of the ministry.
  7. Possesses a strong understanding of Scripture.
  8. Has a passion for ministry to children and students. Desires to see parents, children, and students come to faith in Christ and grow as disciples.
  9. Possesses proven verbal communication skills and the ability to effectively teach the Gospel.
  10. Has proven ability to work with and maintain positive, healthy relationships with those inside and outside the church.
  11. Has the ability to adapt to changes in the environment, to change approach or method as is most fitting for each situation, and be able to deal with change, delays, or unexpected events.
  12. Has a proven desire to equip adult volunteers to work with children, students, and parents.
  13. Has ministry experience with children, junior high, high school and/or college aged students, and an understanding of today’s culture. 
  14. Has a teachable spirit and is willing to work within the team to accomplish the mission of the church.
  15. Believes and lives by Southern Baptist doctrine and adheres to the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message.
  16. Faithful in stewardship and serving according to the teachings of scripture.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.) Gives overall leadership and direction to children and student ministries to ensure strong biblical teaching and authentic worship from Little Lambs to the L.I.N.K to The Connection.
     A.Responsibility for coordination and oversight would include Youth Activities:

  • Youth Worship Services
  • FCA at county schools as needed
  • Youth Camp and Mission Trips
  • Participation in IBCA youth events with other churches in our association
  • Interaction in Waynesboro school system and school events

     B.Responsibility for coordination and oversight would include Children’s Activities:

  • Sunday School including extended session for nursery
  • Upward Basketball
  • Children’s VBS
  • Children’s Camp
  • Little Lambs
  • Awanas
  • After School Ministry for children
  • Participation in ICBA children’s events (VBS) with other churches in our association
  • Interaction in Waynesboro school system and school events

2.) Recruits and develops a team that will help children, students, and families from all walks of life in our community to experience the love of Jesus and learn to follow Him.
3.) Enlists mentors who will train and develop children and students to be disciple makers.
4.) Works in conjunction with church leadership to coordinate programs and events within the church’s overall mission, vision, and purpose statement. Provides oversight for the administrative needs of the children and student ministries (i.e., budget and events calendar, etc.).
5.) Participates in other ministerial duties such as church events, hospital visits, funerals and weddings, if needed.
6.) Leads the teaching ministry and is an effective teacher of biblical truth within the student ministry.
7.) Oversees publicity with the church, and communication of children and student ministries to parents, church family, and local schools.
8.) Participation in training opportunities and continuing education.
9.) Attends staff meetings.
10.) Keeps regular office hours as defined by Pastor, maintaining a full work week.
11.) Must have or be able to get a CDL to operate the church vans.

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Resumes may be mailed to:

GRBC Search Team

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